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Project Summary

HP Mars Home Planet: The VR Experience, which premiered at SIGGRAPH 2018, is an experience based on the year-long program of the same name which focused on “constructing” the Mars settlement led by HP and NVIDIA®. The global project tapped into a community of nearly 90,000 participants and was focused on three challenges - Concept, 3D Modeling and Rendering. From this brilliant community came over 1,000 design submissions as 3D models of all varieties and formats, and the TEC utilized these ideas to help influence and create the VR experience. Beyond a dedicated community and project manager who helped shepherd the year-long crowd-sourced design competition, a team of 15 artists, modelers and animators from Technicolor’s Bangalore-based animation studio pushed the boundaries of today’s real-time technology to create the first ever 6 degree of freedom VR experience launched for the Positron Voyager motion chairs.