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Project Summary

The TEC was the all-important hub for bringing together the various teams and resources needed for Wonder Buffalo, an interactive, room-scale VR/AR experience based on the short film directed by Christine Berg. The TEC was enlisted by the Entertainment Technology Center @USC to explore the future of VR on Wonder Buffalo, which required experience integrating VR into a film production pipeline and facilitating end-to-end workflows working with multiple collaborators. The TEC brought together an animation team that was instrumental not only in clean-up and optimization, but environment reconstruction and all of the transformations from live action to comic book aesthetic. They also engaged the Sound Lab at Technicolor, which provided on-set capture and mixing of sound by Director of Editorial Scott Gershin and his team. The finished project incorporates photogrammetry, volumetric video, responsive audio, and interactivity with CG assets. It is also unique in that the immersive experience was developed and executed in tandem with the linear narrative feature, for which Technicolor also provided an array of services, including dailies, sound mixing, and color grading.